⚡FACE CRACK⚡ Exfoliating Mud Mask / Face Scrub

⚡FACE CRACK⚡ Exfoliating Mud Mask / Face Scrub


Bentonite Clay, Pink Himalayan Salt, Witch Hazel, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil & Coconut Oil.

Pink Himalayan Salt exfoliates while Bentonite Clay absorbs and removes toxins, heavy metals, impurities and chemicals, replacing them with the Clay's natural minerals and oxygen. The variety of oils soothe and moisturize while also boosting collagen for younger, fuller skin.

Grapefruit reduces inflammation and kicks redness to the curb while Witch Hazel tightens pores and acts as a natural toner.

Exfoliate, Cleanse, Hydrate, Tighten, & Tone all in one all natural/organic skincare!

~Cover entire face with an even layer and exfoliate by applying/scrubbing in small circles. Leave on as mask for 10-15 minutes. Remove by again exfoliating in small circles with wet washcloth until mask is entirely wiped off. Rinse with water and enjoy your baby soft, toned skin!


"FACE CRACK OF THE CENTURY" from Holistic Yoni

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Holistic Yoni products are always 100% Cruelty-Free/Organic/Fair Trade/Rainforest Safe!

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