Menopause Care Package

Menopause Care Package


Are you, your mom, grandma, auntie or next-door neighbor's 2nd cousin going through Menopause???

Holistic Yoni is here to help!

One of Holistic Yoni's biggest priorities is catering to Menopausal Women! We offer many amazing products geared towards relieving the discomfort of the many symptoms of menopause, and now we are offering them all-in-one fantastic care package!

In this package you will receive:

THREE of Holistic Yoni's SexualiTea Herbal Tea Blends!!

+ "June" Herbal Tea Blend works by helping both the cervix and vaginal canal produce more fluid, easing the uncomfortable symptoms of Vaginal Dryness!

+ "Ren" Herbal Tea Blend gives your Libido an incredible and delicious boost, heightens sensitivity and intensifies orgasms!

+ "Tula" Herbal Tea Blend started out as our 'Daily Overall Health & Balancing Blend' but we've noticed that the benefits of this blend actually work wonders on the symptoms of Menopause like hot flashes, changes in mood/hormones, dryness and sex drive!

You will also receive:

Our unbelievable Vaginal Moisturizer, Pussy Butter (1oz) !

100% all natural, all organic, non-sticky, no chemical -moisturizing HEAVEN!

Soothes, Heals & Prevents every discomforting symptom of Vaginal Dryness!

As well as:

A set of Healing Crystals all handpicked for further Menopause relief, both mentally and physically.

(Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Etc.)

*stone are all unique and differ each package but will ALWAYS be for menopause relief*

Flat Rate Shipping - $7.50 (Domestic & International)

Holistic Yoni products are always 100% Cruelty-Free/Organic/Fair Trade/Rainforest Safe!

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